Five Places Off The Beaten Track To Visit This Summer

Published: 29/04/2019

Etyek, Hungary

Slowly but surely, Hungary has become one of Europe’s most important wine producers over the last two decades. For this reason (and more), Travel and Leisure.Com names Hungary’s Etyek as a top travel pick for 2019. This little town is just 18 miles out of the capital and has recently emerged as a go-to destination for fans of good wine and gourmet food. In particular, visitors can enjoy fine Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Blanc and sparkling wines, given the area has terroir similar to France’s Champagne. Pair your vin with some local cheese and meats as you appreciate the quaint countryside setting, and you’ve got yourself a mini summer getaway made in heaven, we say!


If you’re a horse-lover then Oman should be your go-to destination this summer (or indeed any time in 2019, as the weather remains cheery here for most of the year), according to National Geographic. Explore beautiful desert landscapes, the captivating Hajar mountains, endless red dunes and miles of golden beaches on the back of an Arabian horse. There are a bunch of companies which organise horse-riding trips to this storied land, such as so you don’t need to lift a finger (well, except when you get on the horse!). 


Cartagena, Columbia

According to Forbes, this colourful colour of Columbia is the ideal place to visit in 2019 if you’re after a mix of both rich culture and ultra luxurious accommodation. This port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast boasts cobblestone streets, colourful colonial buildings and 16th century architecture, a tropical climate with perfect palm tree-lined white-sand beaches, as well as nearby islands known for their spectacular coral reefs. That’s not to mention the absolutely gorgeous hotels and resorts on offer. Forbes mentions Casa San Agustin, situated in the centre of the city walls, and with unique features such as a pool running beneath a centuries old aqueduct. Check it out here:


Puglia, Italy

While you’ve probably visited Rome, Venice and Florence, it’s less likely you’ve traveled south to some of the finest beaches Europe has to offer. Unlike the beautiful but tourist-saturated Amalfi coast, the Puglia area still offers an extremely authentic Italian experience with the backdrop of some the clearest seas you’ve ever seen, along with middle age monuments, coral-surrounded islands and quaint old towns. Taste fresh seafood, listen to local reggae music (the genre is huge there) and sip on a glass of cold white wine as you do summer like the Italians do! The official website for tourism is Puglia is


New Orleans, USA

Forget Cali or New York, says New Orleans is actually the place to be in 2019! In this “city of sensory overload, you can pick up wafts of chicory, spilled rum, warm beignets and stale cigarettes in the same breath,” writes Laura Dannen Redman of the colourful Louisiana city. Visitors can enjoy round-the-clock nightlife, a vibrant live-music scene and spicy cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. It’s a truly vibrant holiday destination that should definitely be on your travel bucket list for 2019. For more information, visit or check out this great article on 10 of the best things to do in New Orleans


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