Packaged Bank Accounts

There is growing evidence that many people have been mis sold a packaged bank account. Our no win no fee service identifies if you were wrongly sold a packaged bank account as well as checking to see if there are any outstanding payment protection insurance policies for which you could be owed compensation.

What are packaged bank accounts?

Packaged bank accounts can be really beneficial to some people. For a set monthly fee, you can bundle together a load of different insurances such as mobile phone and travel insurance.

However, in many circumstances, a customer will already have at least one of these insurances already in place and, as these packaged accounts are off-the-shelf rather than tailored to each individual, the customer is left paying for insurance they do not need.

However, just like with payment protection insurance, the real problem stems from how it was sold, (or mis sold as the case may be!).

Examples of mis selling

  • The product wasn’t fully explained
  • You were told you were eligible to claim when you weren’t (e.g. there are often age limits on travel insurance)
  • You were not told the full cost or made aware of any increased costs
  • You were told your application (e.g. for a overdraft) wouldn’t be accepted unless you took an account
  • You were told it would improve your credit score
  • The bank wouldn’t take no for an answer
  • You were totally unaware you even had a packaged bank account!

According to the BBC one in five packaged bank accounts may have been mis sold and, while they may appear somewhat small monthly payments, the overall cost can quickly add up. For example if you paid £ 15 a month for 5 years, we would be looking for a refund of £900 plus interest.

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