Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Claims

Payment protection insurance is now recognised as to be the biggest mis selling scandal of all time with approximately 64 million.* PPI policies having been sold by lenders since 2001. Banks have set aside close to £20billion to cover the cost of mis sold PPI claims and there is now speculation that lenders have been short changing PPI clients and even hiding PPI policies. We can help reclaim money from mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI) policies and find out for free if you have a claim.

Common examples of PPI mis selling

There are many ways the banks mis sold payment protection insurance including:

  • You were told PPI was compulsory
  • You felt under pressure to agree to taking PPI
  • You weren't asked about your medical history
  • You were not in full time employment
  • PPI was added automatically without your knowledge or consent.

How we can help

The financial claims department at GWlegal is made up of solicitors and legal advisers dedicated to helping customers reclaim mis sold payment protection insurance (PPI) by their lender.

We have assisted thousands victims of mis sold payment protection insurance and, to date, have recovered over £60m in compensation for customers mis sold PPI by their lender when taking out a loan, credit card, store cards and even car finance.

If you tell us who you had credit cards, loans and mortgages with, we will contact those companies and demand confirmation . We can then initiate a claim to get you a refund!

It is worth contacting us even if you have already reclaimed PPI; it’s now clear that up to 2.5million claims were wrongly rejected or under-compensated while lenders miscalculated charges triggered by PPI premiums on thousands of other claims. This means those already compensated could be owed much more.

We work on a no win no fee basis so it costs nothing to see if you have a claim. If we are successful our fee will be 20% plus VAT of each sum proposed by the PPI Company to settle each claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

Find out for free today if you have a PPI claim - our team are ready to help.

*Based on recent reports

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