Mis-sold payday loans

Payday loans cannot be sold to those who can’t afford them. Payday loans have been unlawfully sold by hundreds of lenders across the UK. Why? FCA regulations mean that lenders must check whether a loan is affordable – and with their high fees and interest rates, many are not! Let us help you claim back the interest and charges you paid.

How can we help?

Our solicitors have years of experience in financial claims. We can help you claim up to 100% of all interest and charges you paid on your payday loan, along with 8% statutory interest. We can also get the loan/s removed from your credit file.

The largest settlement to date is £8,579. The average settlement is £780.

Remind me - what is a payday loan?

Usually a small loan of up to £1,000, borrowed at high interest and fees, to tide you over until payday.

Who can take out a payday loan?

People who can afford them! You must prove this. If your lender does not ask you for proof, they are breaking the law.

Was my loan unaffordable?

Maybe, if any of the below statements apply to you:

  • I borrowed again soon after repaying my loan
  • I borrowed from multiple lenders
  • My loans were increasing in size
  • I was making late repayments
  • A loan was a significant part of my income and I couldn’t afford it because of daily expenses such as rent, transport and food
  • I had to borrow money from friends or family to pay my loan back

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