8 Reasons To Buy A House In Wimbledon

Published: 06/07/2018

The tennis rackets are out, pots of strawberries and cream are being sold by the bucketload, and one part of southwest London is abuzz. Yep, it’s that time of the year - Wimbledon tennis season!

Wimbledon, one of the world’s most famous tennis tournaments and a Grand Slam event, also happens to be the oldest tennis competition still in existence today. It started 125 years ago, in 1877, and is to this day, one of the most exciting events on the global sporting calendar. Thousands of spectators, from across the UK and of course much further afield, visit Wimbledon during June and early July to experience Wimbledon - both the sporting event and this beautiful part of southwest London.

Given Wimbledon is the talk of the town right now, the team here at GWlegal thought it would only be fitting to explain a few reasons why we think leafy Wimbledon is a great town to purchase a home - whether you are a first time buyer, seasoned property investor or a buy-to-letter.

It turns out Wimbledon is about much more than just tennis!

Some reasons to consider buying a house in Wimbledon include:

  1. It’s fantastic for families

    Wimbledon has plenty of great schools closeby. The boys-only King’s College School, by all accounts, is fantastic, but so are girls’ schools Wimbledon High School and Ursuline High School. All have excellent educational scores and are in beautiful, leafy locations.

    In addition, the area is filled to the brim with all the local amenities you could need, fun activities to occupy the kids (theatres, sporting facilities, kids clubs etc.) with and good travel links.

  2. There’s plenty of green space

    Mum, dad, the kids and the dog will all be delighted with Wimbledon Common, comprising 1,140 acres of unspoilt green space filled with lots of natural flora and fauna.

  3. It has history

    A visit to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum will fascinate even those who are fussed about sport. There is just so much history to this classic game! Wimbledon is also home to plenty of gorgeous period buildings. You might even want to buy one to live in.

  4. The village feel

    Wimbledon, despite its central London location, really feels like a little a town in itself. Indeed, there is even an area called Wimbledon Village, an affluent residential area, which will tick all the boxes for idyllic family life (if you can afford it!).

  5. The buzz

    Wimbledon is lively all year round, but tennis season is particularly special - and what better than having a front-row seat from your own home?! Even if you’re watching the match on TV, it will still feel extra significant from your SW19 pad.

  6. House prices are constantly rising

    Due to the aforementioned reasons and many more, the price of property in Wimbledon is on the rise each year. Purchase a house or flat now and it will be a fantastic investment for the future.

  7. A quick note on remortgage

    If you already own property in Wimbledon (or anywhere, for that matter!), you are advised to look into remortgaging this year. Interest rates are set to rise and with the money you save through remortgage you could even buy a ticket to Wimbledon 2019!

  8. Time to start saving

    Wimbledon is lovely no doubt, but it’s also expensive. Oh, London!

    The average property rise in SW19 is £1,046,972. The average weekly rent is £560.

    Here is a gorgeous example of the type of property available in the area right now here

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