6 Things To Pack For Your First Night In A New Home

Published: 28/02/2018

The big night has finally arrived. After months of sorting, stressing, planning and packing, you are ready to sleep in your new home for the first time. Congratulations! This is a significant moment for all first-time buyers

    1. A laptop or tablet

Chances are, on your first eve in your #DreamHouse, you may not have your television licensing, or indeed even a TV, sorted yet. Possibly your phone line isn’t connected, or you’re too physically and financially exhausted to put credit on your mobile  or indeed even talk on the phone! Luckily, your laptop or tablet can double as a TV and communication device to the outside world. Log onto Deliveroo or Just Eat, order your favourite takeaway cheat meal and stream some trashy television until your heart’s content. These are the little moments to savour. Tech tip - ensure your laptop was charged that day, just in case there are any electrical problems or you’ve got to set up camp somewhere obscure and away from a power point. Likewise, data on your smartphone is useful as, in the likely instance your wifi isn’t yet setup, you can use your phone as a personal hotspot to connect your laptop to the internet.

2.   Paper, everything

It’s an almost certainty that you will absolutely not feel like unpacking, using and then inevitably washing up your finest china. After all, who needs anything fancy to scoff down a takeaway curry and a bottle of sparkly, anyway? Do yourself a favour and pop to your local Poundland for some disposable wears (paper plates, bowls, glasses, napkins or paper towel, plastic cutlery), pronto. While we’re on the subject of paper, don’t forget the other essential - toilet paper!

3.   Refreshments

Chances are, you haven’t even thought about your first major grocery shop yet. If you don’t live near a Starbucks, your grumpy morning self will thank for you remembering to stock up on coffee, tea bags and a kettle and/ or pot to boil some water in. Snacks, bottled drinks and something to eat for breakfast are also a good idea. Given this probably won’t be a time to display your culinary or food prep skills, a good quality multivitamin might help too!

4.   Your most comfortable home clothes

Trackie dacks, sneakers, slippers and wooly socks. Moving house is not a time for high fashion, you want to be as comfy as possible for all that moving yet ready to relax in front of Netflix when you’ve just had enough! Have a few sets of clean clothes handy, just in case. Moving can be messy work. Pack like you’re going away for a long weekend, but be extra prepared.

5.   Ibuprofen

It’s been a long few days (and indeed, month!). Your head (or legs) might need it.

6.   Selfie cards

If you’ve chosen GW to complete your conveyancing, you will receive a pack of selfie cards upon completion of your property purchase. The cards enable you to capture fun selfies of your special ‘first moments’ in your new house from first cup of tea to first takeaway meal. Take as many photos are possible, these are the moments you want to remember.

To find out more about our dedicated #FirstMoments service exclusively for First Time Buyers please click here. Or alternatively call us on 0345 373 3737 and ask to speak to a member of our property sales team.

Content correct at time of publication.

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