How Do I Save Money?

Published: 22/03/2018

Is it just us, or does life seem to get more expensive by the minute? Meanwhile, our salaries rarely rise. If you’re a first-time buyer this year, or even a seasoned homeowner, you could probably benefit from cutting back on your monthly bills spend. That way, you can have a little extra leftover at the end of the month for those added extras that always pop up! As such, we asked some staff here at GW for their top tips for saving money in 2018....

Teresa from our property sales team suggests switching your mortgage

Should I remortgage my home in 2018? Quite possibly, yes. Remortgage is one of the best ways to save money each month, but not that many people realise it. Furthermore, with interest rates expected to rise twice this year, there has never been a better time to consider it. For example, if you now have an interest rate of 2%, when the new rates become available, you can switch to a 1.5% deal and save less on your monthly bill! For more information about the interest rate rises read our latest article by clicking here.

Gavin, also from property sales, suggests you could save on your energy bills

In the first three months of 2018, 100% fixed energy tariffs are coming to an end. When yours ends, you need to check with your energy supplier whether you can switch, to avoid being rolled onto a difficult tariff.

Paul from our financial claims team urges you to check your PPI

Even if you have checked before, you could have PPI lurking somewhere! We can check for you, for free. All you need to do is fill out a simple form and we’ll do the rest. You could claim back hundreds or even thousands.

Linda, our Head of Wills & Probate, thinks everyone should do a spring clean

There is nothing better than a fresh house - it clears the mind and motivates you for the months ahead! You can sell unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree, attend a boot sale or hold a garage sale. You’ll be surprised - your junk is someone else’s treasure!

Emma, property guru and Head of Sales at GWlegal, is ditching her unwanted subscriptions

Is there really enough time in the day (or in most worker’s case, from 8pm to midnight!) to watch Sky, Netflix, Hulu and Hayu? Do you really need next-day deliveries so much that you should pay for Amazon Prime this year? What about your beauty, food and fitness boxes? Do you really need them all? Don’t even get me started on that newspaper you never actually read or the gym you rarely go to! I would suggest taking a good hard look at your subscriptions this year. Subscribing to everything and anything has really grown again in popularity in recent times, and while this can be super handy, too many subscriptions can easily drain your bank account.

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