UK Areas Where Properties Are Selling The Quickest In 2023

Published: 25/05/2023

The first half of 2023 has been busy throughout the property market and it promises to continue being busy as we head towards the Summer season!

According to data published by property estate agents Zoopla earlier this year, the following are some of the most popular areas throughout the UK that are seeing properties sell the quickest in 2023.


Liverpool has become one of the fastest selling cities throughout the UK so far in 2023 with it being reported that the most popular selling price range is from £150,000 to £200,000 and one bedroom flats being the most popular property type in this time.

The average length of time a property tends to be on the market for throughout Liverpool is around 12 days.


Luton comes in close to the top of the list with the average length of time a property is on the market approximately 13 days. The most popular property type in the town is three bedroom semi-detached, with the fastest selling property price range from £250,000 to £300,000.


If you’re looking to purchase a property on a cheaper budget, Birmingham might be the best city to consider.

According to Zoopla’s data, the most popular property type throughout Birmingham is two bedroom semi-detached with houses tending to be on the market for no longer than 14 days. The most common purchase price starts from £50,000.


Following a similar trend to Birmingham, if you were looking in the North East of England, you will need to act fast as homes throughout Newcastle are snapped up off the market within 15 days of listing.

Three bedroom semi-detached homes are the most popular types of properties in the area, with purchase prices starting from £50,000 being the most common.

Elsewhere, these are some of the other fastest selling locations in the UK:

- Knowsley, North West = approximately 14 days on the market before sale agreed
- Wigan, Greater Manchester = approximately 15 days on the market before sale agreed

- Cardiff, Wales = approximately 16 days on the market before sale agreed
- Coventry, West Midlands = approximately 16 days on the market before sale agreed
- Barnsley, Yorkshire and the Humber = approximately 16 days on the market before sale agreed

Property types that are selling the fastest so far in 2023

Depending on the areas you look at, the property type that sells the quickest varies.

If you were considering purchasing a property in Liverpool or Manchester in the North West, then flats may be considered the most affordable and attractive option for buyers.

It is a similar story if you look down South with one and two bedroom flats the most popular option for homebuyers.

In smaller cities like Hull, Barnsley and Bury, two bedroom and three bedroom semi-detached properties seem to be the most affordable and quickest selling property types currently on the market.

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