The Property Sale Process - Explained

The good news about selling a property is it’s usually a simpler process than buying one! This is a summary of the steps we need to take to sell your property.

This is just a summary of what’s involved in the sale process so don’t worry if things don’t quite make sense; they’ll be explained in more detail later on. And remember, you can call us if you have any questions.

Sale Milestones

  • Send Us Your Lender Details

    Send us the name, address and account number of your lender. If you don’t have a mortgage, you’ll need to tell us where the deeds are.

  • Complete Forms

    Complete and return any forms we send as soon as possible.

  • Draft Contract

    We'll prepare a draft contract to send to the buyer’s solicitor.

  • Issue The Contract

    We'll issue the contract to buyer’s solicitors and answer any questions they ask us.

  • Sign The Contract

    We'll send you the contract to look over and sign and agree a completion date.

  • Exchange Contracts

    We'll exchange contracts with the purchase solicitors and confirm the completion date.

  • Lender Redemption

    We'll ask your lender for a redemption figure for your existing mortgage.

  • Prepare Statement

    We'll prepare a statement detailing the balance due to you or extra payments required.

  • Transfer Deed

    We'll receive the transfer deed from buyer’s solicitor.

  • Sign Transfer Deed

    Sign the transfer of your property.

  • Completion

    Check we have received buyer’s money and then hand over keys!

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