Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Published: 13/12/2018

Keen to turn your home into Santa’s grotto but concerned about blowing out your budget (because who isn’t at this time of the year!)?

Luckily, here at GWlegal, we are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to DIY decoration. Just check out our Facebook page and Instagram account and you’ll see what we mean.

To get into the Christmas spirit, we decided to ask some of our particularly festive team members for their top budget decorating tips to get your home ready for Santa, sans the need to splash the cash.

Teresa, sales team

As a grandmum to two little ones, our business development manager T is a big fan of upcycling rubbish into craft because it’s a fun activity adults and kids of all ages can enjoy together. Even better, Teresa’s favourite Christmas craft material can be found in just about anybody’s bathroom cabinet - cotton wool balls! Make snowmen with three balls of cotton wool, glued together, and jazzed up with some felt-tip pens. Cotton wool also makes a great Santa’s beard. The rest of Father Christmas can be created with cut-outs from old magazines or newspapers, bits of coloured cardboard, felt, markers, (sustainable, if available) glitter or anything else you’ve got laying around in the craft box. The kids (and grown-ups) will have a jolly good time, regardless!

Alex, marketing team

Alex owns a beautiful period home in the leafy suburbs of Liverpool (yes, GWlegal did complete his conveyancing for him, of course!). It makes perfect sense then that his budget decorating tip involves something you can find right outside of his doorstep. Alex recommends collecting pine cones (another great activity to do with any kids in your life) to add a classy, natural Christmas-charm to your home. You can also consider dipping them in glitter or a little gold or silver paint, for a glamorous festive look. Scatter them around your living areas or store them in a large glass bowl or vase on your dining table.

Emma, property department

As our resident Londoner, Emma knows a thing or two about compact living in an inner-city apartment. As both a flat dweller and cat mother, Emma is also well-versed with the woes of having a large Christmas tree (cats+fake plants+dangling decorations=recipe for disaster). Emma’s Christmas tip for those struggling with both space, budget and difficult feline family members is to spruce up your living areas, bedrooms or even kitchen with mini trees instead of a huge one. Small Christmas trees can be bought for a bargain at the likes of Poundland and can be placed off the ground and away from little paws! Scattering them around different parts of your home will also make your entire place feeling Christmassy, not just the main living area or wherever you usually place your tree.

Linda, wills and probate

The always creative Linda loves turning regular household items or even the trash into decorative Christmas items. Linda advises tying bows around cushions to turn them into ‘presents’ or even wrapping up empty boxes (e.g. shoe boxes) you’d ordinarily chuck away to accessorise bare looking trees prior to Christmas eve. All you need are some nice pieces of ribbon and maybe some wrap.

Lee, marketing

All you need are three inexpensive things to make Lee’s favourite festive decoration - mason jars (you could even use old jam or food jars), silver glitter and glue. Apply glue to the inside of the jar, stick on a load of glitter to cover around ¾ of the inside and leave to dry. Once dry, place a tealight or small candle inside and light. You’ve got a gorgeous, glittery, snow-inspired prop for almost nothing! For outside areas, another easy and cheap idea is to fill mason jars half-way with Epsom salt for a snowy look, then add small votive candles, and line the walkway to your front door. Totally magical!

Other DIY decoration ideas:

  • Paper chains
  • Tin cans pieced to make lanterns. This could look quite arty
  • DIY winter garland
  • Homemade advent calendar
  • Christmas card display. Get creative here! Maybe place them on a bright red tea tray or attach them to a DIY wreath
  • Vases or bowls of baubles
  • Anything else your Christmas-crazed heart desires!

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