Worries good weather could increase cycling accidents

Published: 14/03/2014

With the weather taking a turn for the better, many commuters are ditching planes, trains and automobiles (or in reality trains, buses and cars) and hopping on their bikes. Whilst good for the environment, not to mention our waistlines, if you’re cycling to work make sure you take extra care on the roads.

According to the latest annual Reported Road Casualties Report from the Department for Transport, there were 6,142 cycling accidents on UK roads and given that cyclists are 30 times more likely to be seriously injured than someone in a car then cyclists must remain vigilant and not take any risks.

Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith, is concerned:

“Cyclists sometimes don’t do themselves any favours; they can be guilty of meandering in and out of traffic, running red lights and weaving between the road and the pavement. That said it’s the responsibility of all drivers to be fully vigilant when on the roads. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable road users and often fall into drivers blind spots and so due care and attention must be paid at all time.

“Cyclists are often unsure if they can make a claim for a bike accident with many presuming you have to be in a car to be the victim of a road traffic accident. However if you have been injured in an accident at the hands of another road user you could be eligible to make a claim and we can help.”

Click here for more information about making a claim for a cycling accident

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