Wills What Ifs: My circumstances keep changing so why make a Will now?

Published: 02/02/2015

On this rollercoaster called life there never seems to be a right time to make a Will. The thing is we never know what’s around the corner so it’s always best to be prepared and protect your loved ones in the here and now. Linda Cummins, Head of Wills and Probate, explains how you can keep your Will up to date whatever your situation:

Making a Will tends to be one of those things we put off and put off. There always seems to be a reason for not making a Will and ever-changing circumstances is one of the most common. After all why do something when things could change further down the line? The thing is if we followed this approach throughout life then we’d never do anything or get anything done!

‘I want to buy a house, but won’t just yet in case I lose my job and/or house prices go down’

‘I need a new job but I’m not going to apply for one in case I get pregnant and/or need to move’

Making a Will is often not a once-only job; there are many times when you need to update your Will including a change in your marital status, the arrival of a new child or grandchild or a named executor, trustee, beneficiary or guardian dies, moves away or no longer can or wants to fulfil their appointed role. In fact we suggest people review their Will every couple of years to make sure everything is still up to date and all loved ones are protected and provided for. It’s a bit like updating your insurance policies if your situation changes.

“For minor amendments you can make a codicil which is a legal document which allows you to make changes to a previously written Will. Alternatively, if there are a few changes, it may be easier and preferable to simply write a new Will. Either way we can assist you with this to ensure all legal requirements involved with Will writing are met and your amended or new Will is valid.

“The bottom line is the longer you are without a Will the longer your loved ones are left vulnerable and unprotected.”

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