Will new Think! campaign prevent road traffic accidents this Christmas?

Published: 05/12/2013

Advert calendars are opened, decorations are up and the government has launched its annual drink drive awareness campaign. Yes, Christmas is definitely here.

Designed to highlight the risks of drink-driving and the impact it has on road traffic accidents during the festive season, this year’s campaign has focuses on the bearing such a conviction can have on someone’s employability.

According to figures over a quarter of employees (27%) believe they would have to leave their current job if they were to lose their driving licence.

A survey of convicted drink drivers also revealed their employment opportunities significantly dropped as a result of their reckless actions; jobs in education, financial services and the armed forces would become dead end given the requirement of a criminal records check.

Whilst many may have expected a more emotive deterrent, personal injury solicitor Kevin Smith, thinks the switch up is a clever move by the government:

“When it comes to highlighting the perils of drink driving many people expect to see much more emotive scenes – victims of road traffic accidents or testimonials from people who’s loved ones were killed in a car accident.

“However with so many of us completely reliant on receiving a monthly wage – latest figures have revealed 3.9million households do not have adequate savings to cover even one month’s rent or mortgage repayment – this latest campaign taps into a very real threat. Let’s just hope it has the desired effect and stops road traffic accidents ruining anyone’s Christmas.

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