Why high-end property needn’t come with top-end charges

Published: 30/04/2013

With news that 46 per cent of homes in Prime London now come with a £1m plus price tag, it’s reassuring to know that our conveyancing fees for such high valued properties remain capped at a low £499 (+ VAT and disbursements).

According to figures from Marsh and Parsons London Prime Market Monitor, average property values in this area have increased by 3.6 per cent during the first three months of 2013, compared to a rise of 2.2 per cent for the same time last year.

An average two-bedroom home in Prime London has seen the largest growth, an increase of 5 per cent while three and four-bedroom properties recorded the lowest quarterly growth of just 1 per cent.

However buying a house with a value of over £1 million doesn’t mean you will also have expensive legal fees.

At Goldsmith Williams we cap our fees so whether you’re buying a house for £250,000, £1 million or more, our conveyancing fee remains just £499 (+ VAT and disbursements).

Content correct at time of publication

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