Tenants choosing to rent for an easier life

Published: 16/03/2012

Much has been made of wannabe first time buyers being unable to take that elusive step onto the property ladder. However a recent study has shown a large number of tenants are actively choosing to remain in rented accommodation...because they are worried about the negative impact such a step could have on their sex lives!

The survey, conducted by residential lettings and property management specialist Jordon’s, has found more than three quarters of their tenants whose tenancy was due for renewal towards the end of last year intended to remain in rented accommodation with many citing “buying a property will heighten their stress levels and ruin their sex lives.”

Buying a house is widely recognised as one of the most stressful life events alongside having a child and getting married. An additional study discovered 66 per cent of people who have either bought or sold property in the last three months believed the process aged them two years as well as reporting hair loss, short term memory failure and diminished sex drive.

The findings add further weight to the booming buy-to-let market which many industry experts are predicting will go from strength to strength throughout the coming year.

Williams Jordon is the Managing Director of the North West letting branch of Jordon’s:

“House prices remain high, mortgages are hard to come by, and deposits are difficult to raise. Renting is straightforward and people want an easy life.

“Europeans tend to rent for much longer and we’re starting to see this trend replicated as first time buyers struggle to get access to finance in an uncertain economy. Times are hard; buying is more stressful than ever. It’s not that people are giving up on home ownership in the UK entirely – they’re just renting for longer; much longer.”¹

¹Landlord and buy-to-let issue 30

Content correct at time of publication

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