Statutory demand threat as Christmas catches up with spenders

Published: 16/01/2014

Christmas may have only been a few weeks ago but it seems like a distant memory already. That is until the credit card bills or a statutory demand arrives at our door.

According to figures we spent an estimated £12million on Christmas gifts and food. This is about 20 per cent more than the previous years’ expenditure with the most popular presents amongst the £429 X-Box One, the £349 Playstation 4 and the £300 iPad 2.

Whilst this spending growth suggests many are in a more comfortable place financially than they were 12 months previously, it also puts additional pressure on those who aren’t - particularly parents who want to ensure their children have the same opportunities as their peers.

It is then easy to see how some households are then left with bills that they cannot pay. Andrew Watson discusses:

“Keeping up with the Jones’ is not a new concept but in this technologically advanced era the pressure to have the very latest gadgets and gismos is even stronger particularly amongst children and teenagers. It’s not easy when your children ask why Santa gave their friend Jonny the new Playstation and not you. In fact it’s heartbreaking so you cave, stick the item on credit and put it to the back of your mind.

“But sadly however priceless it is to see your child’s face when they open their gift of choice there is a price to pay and for many it is costly.

“If you receive a statutory demand for an outstanding debt we may be able to have the debt reduced or even set aside. However time is of the essence and therefore you should contact our team immediately.

“We understand this may not be something you feel you can burden your family with but you do not need to deal with a statutory demand and the threat of bankruptcy alone. Contact our team today and you could see 2014 in a completely new light.”

Click here for more information about statutory demands and how Goldsmith Williams could help negotiate a reduction of your debt or even have it set aside.

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