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Published: 01/02/2012

Important Notice:

We have removed the CNF document from our website due to the spam alert descibed below. If you recuire a copy of the document please contact us directly or log in to GWLive and download a copy securely.

Email Security / Scam Advisory

Email Subject: Accident

We have had reports of a 3rd party pretending to be Goldsmith Williams and sending out unsolicited claim forms by email to be returned by post to a Manchester address (a practice referred to as 'phishing' by the internet security community).

If you receive such a message please ignore it – Goldsmith Williams would never send out unsolicited claim forms to individuals as a first method of contact.

An example of such a message is shown below – the 'from' field is clearly a address (instead of

Note also the postal address is not Goldsmith Williams' registered premises.

spam image

Further Information

You can find more information about how to identify and protect yourself from fraudulent emails by accessing the resources below:

Content correct at time of publication

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