Serious injuries and deaths from drink-driving road accidents remain stubbornly high

Published: 25/02/2015

Recently published Department for Transport (DfT) figures show that the number of people seriously injured in drink-drive accidents fell from 1,200 in 2012 to 1,100 in 2013. The DfT also estimates that the number of people killed in drink-drive accidents has risen from 230 in 2012 to 260 in 2013.

Kevin Smith, personal injury solicitor comments:

“Whilst the overall fall in serious injuries from drink-drive accidents is positive behind every statistic there’s a story of personal tragedy.

“Despite changing attitudes to drink driving, in part promoted by hard hitting public information advertising, the levels of serious injury and death from these road accidents still remain stubbornly high. Drink driving is a scourge and with the DfT reporting that those most likely to drink and drive are aged between 20 and 24 it’s young lives that could be shattered or lost completely if an accident occurs.

“And it’s not just the drink-drivers themselves that this affects. Road traffic accidents caused by drink driving can involve passengers, other road users and pedestrians and they too can suffer serious injuries.

“Here at Goldsmith Williams we can help if you have been an injured victim in a drink-driving related accident. We can not only assist you in bringing a compensation claim for injuries but can also provide assistance with your rehabilitation and treatment needs which is often paramount to maximise the potential for a full recovery, especially with more serious injuries.

“Whilst the DfT confirmed figures are likely to show that fatalities and serious injuries in drink-drive accidents will be the lowest on record there are still people whose lives will forever be overshadowed by pain as a result of a drink-driver.”

Content correct at time of publication

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