Reduce road accidents! Make rural driving compulsory

Published: 21/11/2014

High speed rural roads should be incorporated into the driving test as it could help reduce the number of car accidents and fatalities, believes the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

Despite accounting for little over half of road traffic accidents, two third of all road accidents fatalities occur on these types of roads. Young people are particularly vulnerable and the IAM believes this is largely down to their inexperience of driving on these roads.

Alistair Cheyne is the IAM Chairman:

“In the last five years, more than five-and-a-half-thousand young people have been killed on our roads or had life-changing injuries. Every one of those crashes was avoidable.

“We need legislation, we need campaigns to nudge people towards better driving behaviour and we need more training interventions.”

According to a survey by insurer Admiral over a quarter of UK drivers admitted breaking the speed limit whilst driving on a rural road. Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith, is concerned:

“Driving on rural roads can really test a driver. There are numerous hazards to contend with – sharp bends, hidden dips, blind corners, poor lighting, slippery or muddy surfaces, a confused pheasant darting out in front of you.

“Driving too fast for the conditions is a primary contributory factor in road traffic accidents; in 2013 over 7000 accidents occurred as a result, nearly 200 of which ended in a fatality. It is therefore essential drivers travel at a suitable speed for the conditions – regardless of how well you know the roads.”

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