Potholes damage could contribute to road traffic accidents

Published: 14/03/2013

There have been an increased number of car insurance claims caused by pothole-related damage, according to AA insurance.

In January alone an estimated 1000 cars were seriously damaged by potholes, more than double than those in the previous year.

There are now fears that this damage, which commonly includes damage to the steering and suspension, could have an impact on road traffic accidents.

Drivers also run the risk of causing road traffic accidents by trying to avoid potholes in the road as Simon Douglas, Director of AA Insurance, explains:

“Pothole damage is bad enough but those making insurance claims are saying that there has been serious damage to suspension, steering and bodywork as well.

“In some cases the driver has lost control or swerved to try and avoid the pothole and hit something else.”

To minimise the risk of a road traffic accident, anyone who has hit a pothole is advised to check:

  • Tyres
    Look for obvious bulges on the tyre wall. This is a sign of serious internal damage.
  • Steering wheel
    Make sure it centres properly. If it doesn’t, your tracking may be misaligned
  • For vibrations
    Any vibrations could be an indication of damage to the steering and/or suspension.

If any of the above occurs, get your vehicle checked immediately

Content correct at time of publication

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