Last chance to make a Will for free with Marie Curie

Published: 16/10/2013

Time’s running out to make your Will for free under the Marie Curie Free Will Scheme.

You have until the end of October to benefit from this fantastic deal which allows you to ensure your loved ones are protected and provided for at no cost to you.

We will draft your basic Will for free – all we ask is you consider leaving a gift to Marie Curie Cancer Care in your Will.

As the largest provider of hospice beds outside of the NHS, Marie Curie Cancer Care plays a pivotal role in providing care and support for people coping with terminal illnesses. They are not only an invaluable resource for patients but for their families too.

Having a Will is essential to ensure loved ones are provided for so make the most of this fantastic offer. Make your Will for free and, not only will you be protecting your loved ones, you’ll also be supporting an incredibly worthwhile cause.

The scheme is available to anyone aged 55 or over (if you are making a Couples Will then only one of the parties needs to be 55 or over).

For more information contact our Wills and Probate department and ask to support the Marie Curie Free Will Scheme.

Content correct at time of publication

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