Landlords flouting EPC law

Published: 18/09/2013

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, many of us are debating whether or not to turn up the heating.

With gas and electricity bills rising, energy efficiency now plays a huge role in property decisions not only for homebuyers but for tenants too.

By law, landlords are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before they can even market the property. This information must be readily available for any prospective tenants so they are able to estimate the cost of heating the property. Failure to have an EPC can result in a £200 fine.

However figures from the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Department suggest the majority of landlords are failing to comply with this law with only 25 per cent of buy to let properties boasting an EPC.

Whilst not totally reliable, the data has prompted criticism from environmental charity 10:10. Dave Timms is the acting Executive Director:

“[The CLG is] doing little to enforce the law on EPCs. Moreover, it has only a rough idea of how many estate agents are complying, and seems complacent about the widespread flouting of the rules.

“Although the rules have been in place for nine months now, the department didn’t provide evidence to back up their claim. This shows just how little effort they’re making to enforcing measures which can help households and businesses cut their carbon emission and save money.”

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