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Published: 05/07/2013


Hi, I’m Rob Denman, a solicitor and Head of the Landlord Empowerment Team, or GW LET for short, here at Goldsmith Williams.

GW LET is a department dedicated to helping landlords overcome many of the problems they may face from removing tenants to dealing with squatters or solving deposit disputes or disrepair issues.

As legal professionals, and in many cases landlords ourselves, we understand the complexity that goes with letting property and are perfectly placed to provide landlords with expert legal advice and support.

One of the most common areas we assist with is the eviction of tenants. Many landlords are under the misconception that, as they own the property, they can evict a tenant whenever they wish. This is not the case – in fact, under current legislation, the tenant is often better protected than the landlord.

In order to evict a tenant before the end of their tenancy, a landlord must have sufficient grounds. For example, the tenant owes more than two month’s rent, or is regularly in rent arrears, they are causing a nuisance to neighbours or they have breached an obligation in their tenancy.

If there are sufficient grounds, a landlord must then serve a Section 8 Notice on the tenant and, if necessary, obtain an order of possession from the court. Failure to follow this procedure could actually give the tenant an opportunity to claim compensation from you!

Tenant eviction is just one of many areas we can offer legal support to all landlords, particular those who are new to the game. In the current market, there is an increasing number of property owners who have decided to dip their toe in the letting pool either deliberately, having seen a financial opportunity or accidentally, after being unable to sell their property.

However, as experienced landlords can testify, letting property is not an easy ride to a quick buck. Being a landlord comes with a high level of responsibility as well as the odd risk or two. That’s why it’s essential to have some experienced back up on hand to offer assistance and help minimise any financial impact.

And with over 25 years’ legal experience, there is no better back up than GW LET, ensuring you are fully equipped to resolve many issues that may come your way.

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