How to evict a tenant in rent arrears

Published: 09/04/2014

Spring may have sprung but tenants appear to still be bearing the brunt of an indulgent festive period with news that cases of severe rent arrears are up 11 per cent between the final three months of 2013 and the first three of 2014.

However on a more positive note the number of tenants currently in severe rent arrears compared to the same time last year is down by over a third - 68,000 vs. 105,000.

Rent arrears remain one of the biggest risks to a landlord. However if not handled correctly, the landlord could endure further financial repercussions. Landlord legal expert, Rob Denman explains:

“Whilst we may soon see life getting a little easier for landlords with tenants in arrears, current legislation means the power remains with the tenant regardless of the situation.

“This means landlords looking to evict a tenant and regain possession of their property must follow the law to the letter. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process which sees the landlord’s financial situation worsen and even impact on their ability to cover any mortgage payments – one of the primary reasons why calls for a change could soon be implemented. But however frustrating a landlord cannot cut corners as doing so could actually present the tenant an opportunity to claim compensation.

“If you are unsure about how to correctly and legally evict a tenant it is essential you get professional advice. GW LET is highly experienced in tenant eviction and can help you get your property back as quickly as possible – it is your property after all!”

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