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Published: 27/11/2014


Hi I'm Lynne McCaffrey, Head of Property here at Goldsmith Williams.

Buying a house may be one of the most stressful things we do but it’s also one of the most exciting. With the help of this video and over 30 years experience, we’ll guide you through your property purchase so you can spend less time worrying and more time sofa shopping!

Choosing your solicitor

It’s really important to make sure your solicitor is able to work with your mortgage lender. The best way to check this is to see if they are a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This is a recognised stamp of approval which helps customers find a qualified conveyancer.

Picking a solicitor who’s not on a lender’s panel means they will need to appoint one that is. This delays your transaction and result in you paying two lots of legal fees.

Goldsmith Williams were first awarded this accreditation in 2011 making us many mortgage lenders’ preferred legal partners.

Going local

People think they should choose a local solicitor when buying a house, or in fact want to have a solicitor who’s close by. We agree - the personal touch is really important especially with something as significant as buying a house. We may be a leading national law firm but we have local solicitor principles.

Our clients benefit from having their own team who keep them up to date as your case progresses. You’ll be given their direct contact details so, should you have any questions, you can easily get in touch.

Comparing costs

Cost understandably plays a part when choosing a conveyancer. Unlike some solicitors who lure you in with a great headline price, we provide a full quote including all compulsory charges like Stamp Duty and search fees so you know exactly how much you will end up paying. If you’re getting a couple of quotes make sure they include all these charges.

Conveyancing has remained at the heart of our business for over 30 years and we are proud to have helped so many people buy their dream home. So whether you are buying your first house or your tenth, Goldsmith Williams can help make the move as simple and as stress free as possible.

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