H1 2012 figures see bridging loans rocket

Published: 12/07/2012

The number of bridging loans completed in the first six months of 2012 has increased by 20 per cent year-on-year, according to Enterprise Finance.

The gross lending volume of such loans has also soared and now stands at 130 per cent more than the equivalent period last year.

Danny Waters is the Chief Executive at Enterprise Finance:

“[…] The bridging sector is experiencing rapid growth. There is not only more demand relative to a year ago, but the loans people are taking out are also a lot bigger on average , which reflects both borrower and specialist lender appetite.”

For the right client, in the right circumstances, bridging can be a valuable funding tool. From conventional bridging, where a homeowner wishes to purchase a new home but is unable to sell their current property, to auction finance or business loans, bridging can offer a suitable alternative.

Goldsmith Williams recently received the “Highly Commended” certificate for Best Bridging Legal Partner at the Bridging and Commercial Awards 2012.

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