Everyday Legal Update: Parking Ticket Legal Challenge to go to Supreme Court

Published: 07/05/2015

Everyday Legal reported on the case of Barry Beavis who took ParkingEye the car park operator to court over the parking charges they had imposed when he overstayed his allotted time by 56 minutes.

His case has now been heard by the Court of Appeal who ruled against his challenge that the parking fine was excessive. The three Court of Appeal Judges ruled that the penalty imposed was ‘neither extravagant nor unconscionable’.

The judges ruled that there were also commercial justifications to the charge. They also commented on the boost to the local economy from free parking which meant that deterrents were necessary so that drivers did not overstay and prevent others from parking.

Undeterred in continuing his legal fight Barry set up an online donation page asking for help with the costs of appealing the decision through the Supreme Court and in four days raised sufficient funds to do this! Everyday Legal will be keeping a beady eye on the court reports to update you on how he gets on with his appeal.

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