Essentials Kit To Pack For First Night In Your New Home

Published: 03/08/2022

The big day has finally arrived…you’re due to move into your new home! How exciting!

After months of stressing, planning, sorting, and buying, you are ready to spend your first night in your new home. This is a significant and exciting step for first-time buyers.

We look at an essentials kit that is worth packing for your first night, below:

Laptop or tablet

During the first night in your new home, there is a high chance that you won’t have your TV unpacked and setup or telephone lines connected. This is where your laptop or tablet comes in. Luckily, they can double up as a TV and communication device to family and friends.

Log into Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or Apple TV, sit back and relax catching up on your favourite movies and boxsets. These are the little moments to savour!

Tech tip – ensure your laptop and/or tablet has been fully charged that day, just in case there are any potential electrical problems in the home, or if you are setup far away from plug sockets etc. Likewise, the data on your smartphones can be a useful tool as well when it comes to be able to communicate with family and friends via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Do you need your morning coffee? Maybe you need a cup of tea before bed?

Chances are you haven’t you won’t have done your first major grocery shop upon your first day in the new home, and there mightn’t be a Starbucks or Costa Coffee within walking distance. If this is the case, it’s worth remembering to pack some coffee, tea bags, milk, and a kettle beforehand to save the hassle on the day.

Most comfortable clothes

Your comfiest clothes are a big essential for the first night and week in your new home!

Whether that’s loungewear and a hoodie, to tracksuit bottoms, slippers and socks, you will need clothes that you both don’t mind getting dirty when it comes to painting different rooms and also just to lounge around in watching Netflix etc.

Make sure you’ve packed a few sets of comfy clothes just to be safe, think of it as if you’re going away somewhere for a long weekend!

Ibuprofen and first-aid kit

You’re very likely to get a headache or two during your move, as well as a bit of backache with moving boxes in and out of the home! This is where ibuprofen comes in handy.

Also make sure you have a first-aid kit at hand, such as plasters or bandages in case of a minor accident occurring during setting up appliances throughout the home.


This speaks for itself, but having such things as towels, toilet rolls, paper towels, toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash available and organized in the bathroom and kitchen is one less job to worry about down the line.

You’ll also want to have your house smelling fresh throughout, so don’t forget to pack some air fresheners, deodorants, and room sprays!

Some essentials for your children and pets:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • A few of their favourite toys to keep them entertained
  • Snacks, fruit, and drinks
  • Pet food and bedding
  • Wipes
  • Medication

Unpack one room at a time

You can’t expect to have everything unpacked and setup during the first week of moving into your new home. So take your time, take each day as it comes and enjoy the experience of setting up the house the way you want it.

It’s worth focusing on unpacking one room at a time, starting with what you deem the most important to you and go from there. Once you’ve started to do this, then move onto the likes of your kitchen and unpack the essentials that you know will be used in the first few nights such as cutlery, plates, mugs, bins, washing equipment etc.

Make the most of your first night

It’s a BIG step in life and an incredible achievement to be able to move into your first home together, so it’s worth celebrating the accomplishment. Pop open a nice bottle of bubbly and toast to making many memories in your new home!

If you haven’t had the chance to unpack your kitchen, why not treat yourself and the family to a nice takeaway or check out what the local restaurants in your area have to offer. If you’re a young family moving in and don’t have the Wi-Fi set up, grab a few of your favourite board games to keep your children occupied.

You could also spend some time getting to know your neighbours by introducing yourself and if you have pet dogs, maybe get your bearings with the area you’re living in when taking them on a walk.

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