Cyclists to be accountable for road traffic accidents

Published: 17/11/2011

Cyclists seem to the road user’s equivalent to marmite. Whilst their carbon foot reducing intentions are good, their actions can be deemed less worthy.

Whilst all cyclists cannot be tarnished with the same reckless brush, some cyclists seem to believe despite being a road user the rules of the road do not apply to them. This includes running red lights and entering the road from the pavement, both of which could cause an accident involving other road users.

But now there is call for this kind of reckless cycling to be held accountable should it end in a road traffic accident. Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom, introduced a backbench bill earlier this year which would see death or serious injury through cycling become a new offence if made law.

Speaking about the bill to BBC Radio 4 Law in Action, Ms Leadsom said:

“I have received literally hundreds of emails and letters from people across the country and outside this country, complaining about accidents caused by cyclists on pavements to children, to elderly people and so on.”

According to the Department of Transport Annual Report, cyclists contributed to 19 road fatalities, 266 severe accidents and 1184 slight accidents. These road traffic accidents were caused by several actions, including cyclists entering the road from the pavement.

Content correct at time of publication

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