Consumer finance charity Which? urges everyone to check for PPI, now!

Published: 07/02/2018

Estimates suggest that there are at least 36 million unclaimed, mis-sold PPI policies - and the deadline to claim is August 2019.  That’s less than 18 months away!

As the deadline looms, the system is likely to become jammed with last-minute claims. It could take longer and longer to find out the result of your claim. It is therefore generally advised that you check for PPI sooner rather than later.

GWlegal would like to remind consumers that, even if you’ve already checked your PPI or enquired with your lender/s about it before, there is a good chance you could still be owed money from them.

Many people who previously made claims are actually still owned additional amounts. Likewise, a number of people who were written to by banks to tell them they had no PPI, actually did. Others were simply fobbed off by banks and you aren’t to blame if you didn’t have the time, patience or resource to continually follow up the matter with uncooperative staff.

So even if you have already won compensation or were told by your bank you had no PPI, it’s still worth asking a reputable solicitor to do a free check on your behalf. You could be owed even more.

The other benefit of using a free review provided by the likes of GWlegal is the case handler who deals with your PPI search will be highly trained in this area, therefore understanding the right legal arguments to make to get the best possible result. Banks, lenders and credit card companies generally can’t hide from a solicitor in the same way they may do with the customer.

Our free PPI check service couldn’t be more simple. All we need is your name and address, in addition to which banks or lenders you’ve used, and we can find out everything from there. You don’t even need to remember which loans or financial products you’ve taken out in the past. We’ll do all the digging for you.

For more information about our free PPI check service, please phone us on 0345 373 3737, email or fill out our online enquiry form.

Content correct at time of publication.

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