Probate and Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is a difficult enough time without the added stress and confusion that goes with Probate and Estate Administration. Goldsmith Williams can help lift this burden, allowing you to spend precious time with your family.

Probate: What's involved

Probate is one of those terms people have heard of but aren’t exactly sure what it means or what’s involved. In a nutshell, probate is the name for the legal process for the application of the authority to deal with and administer a deceased’s affairs and estate.

If there is a Will, it is the executor who deals with the administration of the estate. This includes:

  • Registering the death (often a family member or someone present at the death will do this)
  • Locating the Will
  • Arranging the funeral
  • Collecting all the appropriate papers (e.g. bank statements, bills and share certificates)
  • Establishing the value of the estate, organising valuations where appropriate
  • Paying any Inheritance Tax (IHT) to H.M. Revenue and Customs
  • Applying for the Grant of Representation
  • Notifying all the necessary authorities such as:
    H.M. Revenue and Customs
    The Department of Work and Pensions
    Banks, building societies and insurance companies
  • Settling all outstanding debts
  • Dividing the estate between named beneficiaries (or under the rules of intestacy if there is no will).

No need to go through it alone

Probate and Estate Administration is a lengthy process and, unfortunately, comes at an already highly emotional time. Our probate services can, however, help with this responsibility. We can take charge of the following aspects of probate and ensure the estate is administered as quickly and as efficiently as possible:

  • Establish the value of the estate
  • Pay any Inheritance Tax
  • Apply for the Grant of Representation
  • Notify all the necessary authorities
  • Pay all debts
  • Divide the estate amongst the beneficiaries (or under the rules of intestacy if there was not a will in place).

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