Will the return of the speed camera reduce road traffic accidents?

Published: 27/09/2012

Ageing speed cameras are being replaced by new sophisticated devices as the government ups its “war on the motorist” to help improve road safety.

Many existing speed cameras were switched off following government spending cuts. However this new generation of camera has much lower running costs and can take pictures indefinitely without running out of film.

Ironically the new cameras have been funded by motorists attending speed awareness courses.

While there are high expectations that the reintroduction of speed cameras will make UK roads safer for all drivers and reduce the number of road traffic accidents, others remain sceptical. Keith Peat is the spokesman for the Association of British Drivers and a former traffic police officer:

“This [the return of speed cameras] is entirely predictable. The fact of the matter is the road safety industry, which includes the manufacturers of the devices and the partnerships, have a vested interest.

“These cameras can’t see how an accident happened, they can’t see whether you were drunk or if you were careless.

“The Government is continuing the war on the motorist and it is counterproductive.”

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