Why Viewing A Property Is Vital Before Purchasing

Published: 28/03/2024

Whatever area of the UK you are based in, or looking to purchase a property in, you can almost guarantee there will be a wide range of properties for sale. There are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing the best property for you, such as location, whether it meets your family needs and does it fall within your budget, just to name a few.

Viewing the property beforehand is a vital step that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to purchasing a property, whether you’re a first-time buyer or adding to your property portfolio. While online listings provide a range of images to look through, and virtual tours are becoming a more common feature, nothing beats a physical house viewing experience.

We look at some of the key things you are able to do when viewing a property in person, as opposed to virtually.

Assess the local and surrounding areas

The location of the property will play a massive role in whether it’s best for you and your requirements, as well as factor the future value of the property. Visting the property allows you to get a real feel for the area it’s based in, the reputation of the neighbourhood and surrounding areas, whether it’s going for a walk around the estate, or speaking to the neighbours.

You can also look at where the local amenities are located, such as schools, shops, parks and nearest transport links. Another big advantage of attending a house viewing and checking surrounding areas, is being able to address the noise and traffic levels. Viewing the area allows you to fully understand if it aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Examine the property condition

Although viewing images and watching the virtual tour on the online listing for a property can be useful to help save some time, nothing beats being able to see the property in the flesh. A physical house visit allows you to see all the knucks and crannies of the property, as well as show the true size and depth throughout.

Online images can also be deceiving in terms of not showing how big or small a room is, whether there are cracks or damp showing, or any other potential damages. A viewing in person can help you iron out any queries you have, and show exactly what the property has to offer and help avoid any nasty surprises down the line after purchasing.

Learn about the layout

When you visit the house, it will allow you to visualise what you can do with the place (should you go ahead with the purchase) and whether that you planned on doing to the property is achievable. This can help determine whether or not it is best for you and your family, in ways that an online viewing couldn’t.

Opportunity to ask questions to estate agents and owners

You are encouraged to ask questions about the property to the estate agent (or homeowner, if they are showing you around), when you view the property. Sometimes you may have new questions that might arise as you go around the property, which you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of, so it’s worth taking advantage of gaining clarification on information that is vital to you and your needs.
You shouldn’t be worried about asking questions such as any unknown or unmentioned issues on the advert that you may have come across, if there has been any recent renovations, maintenance history etc. Asking as many questions as possible, and gathering as much information as you can will help you make an informed decision about purchasing.

Get a feel for the home

It might sound like a minor detail, but once you walk through the front door, you’ll know if you get that homely feel from the property. This is something you can only get from a physical house viewing. You might find a property online that you feel suits all your needs, look around on the virtual tour, make an offer and then when it comes to viewing in person, think it looks and feels completely different. The atmosphere of a property can shape the impact and enjoyment of living there.

Having confidence in the purchase you’re making

Going and viewing the property, even if you’re able to do so once, will help instill confidence in your decision making when it comes to purchasing. The first-hand knowledge of seeing the property, understanding what it offers and any work that needs to be done, will help provide peace of mind and make you feel more comfortable in making a considered and appropriate investment.

How our conveyancing team can help you with your house move

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, making 2024 the year you step foot on the property ladder, or you’re an experienced homebuyer either looking to move to your forever home or expand your property portfolio, you will require conveyancing services to help with the purchase process.

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