Whiplash Claim changes could compromise service

Published: 26/02/2013

Calls by Aviva Insurance to change the current process for whiplash claims have been strongly criticised by the personal injury industry.

Aviva insurance wants to cut out the middleman and has called for a new process which would mean that the injured person would submit their claims directly to the insurer of the driver who causes the crash.

However there are fears within the accident claims industry that such a move would not be of benefit to the victim. Kevin Smith is one of the personal injury solicitors at Goldsmith Williams:

“Any dramatic changes run the risk of triggering a conflict of interest, leaving the wounded party vulnerable. It is important that victims continue to receive independent legal advice to ensure a fair outcome.”

The proposals come just weeks ahead of the referral fee ban, scheduled for April 2013. The change is designed to reduce the number of fraudulent whiplash claims which are blamed by many as the primary cause of inflated car insurance premiums.

Kevin Smith continues:

“Ensuring a fair outcome for our clients remains our priority, any changes need to ensure that service to claimants isn’t compromised.”

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