Where Is The Most Affordable Place To Buy A House In The UK?

Published: 08/07/2019

Dreaming of owning your own home (and never having to pay rent ever again)? We feel you! There is nothing more satisfying than daydreaming about a time when your hard-earned pennies go solely towards your #DreamHome and not into the pockets of a landlord.

Saving for your first home is never an easy feat though, so it’s likely you’ll have to consider carefully which areas you can afford to purchase property and live in. Location, location, location can make all the difference between you living in a shoebox (hello London!) and a house you’d be proud to put on Pinterest (goodbye South!). In this article, we’ll reveal the cheapest places for first-time buyers to step onto the property ladder right now… plus some other handy tips.

Drum roll, please…

The most affordable place in the UK for first-time homeowners is…


That is according to the Halifax First-Time Buyer Review.

But wait a second. Hold your horses. Where exactly is Pendle?

Pendle is a borough of Lancashire, North West England. It adjoins Lancashire boroughs Burnley and Ribble Valley, the North Yorkshire district of Craven and the West Yorkshire districts of Calderdale and the City of Bradford. In total, there are close to 91,000 people living there - and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to get to Leeds by car (or 1.30 via train).

So how cheap are we talking here?

The average price of a property in Pendle is £88,852 - that is 2.6 times the local average gross annual earnings, so a pretty good deal (in most areas of London, the average property price is at least 11 times the average salary).

What can I expect for that price?

Properties listed for sale on Rightmove in this general price bracket comprise mainly of terraced houses with small gardens/outdoor areas. Most have around three bedrooms and all the modern amenities one would expect and are located in pleasant residential areas close to green space and local shops. Ideal for new and growing families looking for a space of their own to start out in.

If you have a little more budget (in the realm of £100-150k) to play with, a much larger semi-detached house (that you could only ever dream about in most places in the South of England) with a moderate or large-sized garden could be yours.

The most expensive listings on Righmove in the Pendle area go up to around £450,000. For this significantly larger prize (but still a bargain compared to London!), you can nab a detached house, a generous block of land, garage and rural fringe view. Not bad, huh?

Should we all pack up and move to Pendle then?

It depends what you’re after. For those searching for a quieter, suburban life, certainly.

The borough of Lancashire contains green belt interspersed throughout, so there’s plenty of natural space to be enjoyed by young families.

A number of large enterprises, industries and agricultural firms also operate out of the county, so there are jobs available too.

As for schools, there are plenty - for students of all ages and abilities.

Where else can I buy a cheap house?

Copeland in Cumbria is the second cheapest place in the country to buy a house, according to the Halifax First-Time Buyer Review.

In Copeland, the average home costs £110,930. Like in Pendle, this is also 2.6 times the area’s average gross annual earnings.

Bordering the famous Lake District, Copeland and the Cumbria area is known for its spectacular scenery and it is also a relatively affluent area - In 2018 Copeland had the third highest median income of UK local authorities, after the City of London and Tower Hamlets.

In Scotland, East Ayrshire was identified as the most affordable area, with homes averaging £94,376 – three times the average gross annual earnings at three times local gross earnings.

All affordable locations mentioned in the Halifax report are either in Scotland or England’s North.

Where is the most expensive place to buy a house?

Nobody is going to be surprised that the country’s most expensive area is in… London!

The report claims that the least affordable area is Brent in London, with first-time buyers there facing average prices of just over £500,000 – a whopping 13.3 times local earnings typically. Oh, and we mis-typed. You’re probably not going to get a ‘house’ for that price. Maybe a small apartment!

Either way, where you decide to purchase a property depends on many factors such as your budget, lifestyle aspirations and employment situation. If in doubt, always seek expert advice from a financial advisor.

Advice for first-time buyers

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