Weirdest Houses Around The World

Published: 27/06/2018

Is a new build home too boring for you? Struggling to find something retro without the roof falling down? Well, we have a treat for you!

Is it just us or are bizarre homes having a bit of a moment right now? With programmes such as ‘Location Location Location’ and Netflix’s ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ growing in popularity, and platforms like Pinterest brimming with creative decorating ideas, many young (and older) buyers are now after something a little more unique for them to call home.

As such, we thought we’d compile a list of some of the most bizarre home, and other creative properties, to inspire those who are considering a big move into something a little different. Let’s get started! Here are some of the most unique houses, incredible houses, bizarre houses we’ve seen in a long time...

The fort - Stack Rock Fort, Milford Haven

If you’re after a truly unique property, Stack Rock Fort has you covered! This is literally a former 19th century fort, sitting on its own private island off Pembroke Dock. Talk about a renovation opportunity and for just £400,000 it’s cheaper than a flat in London.

View the Rightmove listing here.

The train station - Old Luckett Station, Cornwall

Who wouldn’t want to live in a charming old station? This property in beautiful Cornwall has been dubbed a ‘character house’ and we certainly agree with that! It also has an indoor swimming pool and gorgeous countryside views. Priced at £695,000.

View the listing on Love Money here.

The slide house - Japan

There is a house in Japan with a normal staircase on one side, a massive slippery slide on the other, so you can literally slide from the top third floor to the bottom. The kids will love it and a great stress-buster!

View it and more unusual homes here.

The fortress - Freshwater, Isle Of Wight

Now if the aforementioned properties weren’t special enough for you, this one certainly takes the cake! This very unique residential development on the historic Palmerston fortress originally constructed back in 1863. It has been converted into 18 spacious houses, so you can take all your friends with you!

View the Rightmove listing here: here.

The windmill - Craggs Row, Preston

Fancy a light breeze through your home? Then a windmill could be you! This property is about half a mile away from Preston train station and has links to many other parts of the UK, so it's whimsical and practical. £95,000.

View the listing on Love Money here: here.

The church - The Chancel House, Malvern

A three-bedroom property with all the usual amenities doesn’t sound like anything too mindblowing, but The Chancel House is something different. This beautifully-converted church building, with many original features, is actually a gorgeous example of 19th century architecture. A new home for the historically-minded buyer. Price: £550,000.

View the Rightmove listing here.

The airplane house - Lebanon

Miziara in Lebanon prides itself on building building residential homes that resemble ancient Greek temples and Egyptian ruins, but this one is certainly a little different. The house is shaped like an airplane, an Airbus A380 to be precise. Don’t be surprised if your children grow up wanting to be pilots! Talk about weird homes.

Check it out, plus more unusual properties around the world, by clicking here.

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