Weird Smart Home Gadgets

Published: 06/12/2018

In this day and age, there is one thing we can’t live without - Tech.

Technology is entrenched so deeply in our daily lives that we rely on it for almost everything - from doing the grocery shopping to communicating with loved ones (even when they’re sometimes just down the hall!).

The multitude of tech available specifically for our homes got us thinking about whether or not there might be a little too much technology in our living spaces these days. Do we really need it all? Is it making us lazy? Do we even know how to operate it all?

The weirdest tech now available for your home

First things first, should we take a look at some of the wackiest tech gadgets you can fill your living areas with? Maybe after reading about some of these, you might be able to answer the question about too much tech without any further input from us!

  • The Smart Fridge

    Gone are the days when keeping your perishables chilled was enough to please fridge-owners. Samsung have released a super high tech ‘smart fridge’ which does everything from tell you the weather forecast (it’s wifi connectable!) to boom out music on its in-built speakers while you cook. This ultra-amazing fridge even has cameras inside that connect to an app so you can track food freshness and check what you need when you’re in the supermarket. Talk about fancy.

  • An iKettle

    This kettle has wifi. Yep, you read that right! Some of its super high-tech features include: a water level sensor that tells you how many cups are left inside; a customisable setting to ensure your tea is your perfect preferred temperature; and a timer setting which starts the kettle automatically boiling just before you’re schedule to get out of bed or before you walk in the door after a long day. Talk about super kettle. And for lovers of coffee, don’t fret. There’s also a tonne of smart coffee makers on the market.

  • Smart plates

    Just when you thought tech would leave alone the very basics of your kitchen, the techys came alone and decided to transform the humble plate too. A smart plate tells you how many calories you’re consuming based on your food’s weight and appearance (there are built in cameras and sensors) and can be connected to your existing fitness devices such as a FitBit, so you can check track of every meal, in minute detail.

  • A rubbish bin that does it all

    Odour-eliminating filters, a system that pushes all your trash down so you can fit up to three times as much in it and hands-free technology are just some of the features of the Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor. Who would’ve known that rubbish could be glamorous!

  • The can scanner for forgetful shoppers

    The GeniCan Scanner is a device used to scan items before you throw them away, so you never forget to buy ketchup at Tesco again (it attaches to your bin). A list of your empty’s are stored digitally, so you can easily check what you’ve run out of while at the supermarket.

  • HAPIfork

    The clever guys down at Silicon Valley didn’t stop at plates, when it comes to high-tech kitchenware. This smart fork helps you monitor and track your eating habits, even buzzing and flashing if you’re eating too quickly.

  • Drop

    Love baking but hate washing up the million plates, bowls, spoons and measuring cups that inevitable get dirty when doing it? That’s where Drop comes into play. Simply select your chosen dish on an app and these super smart scales will help you put together exactly how much of each ingredient you need, making all recipes a one-bowl experience.

And the list goes on… The above are just a few examples of how technical you can make your home. You basically don’t have to do anything for yourself anymore!

Is tech making our lives better?

For the vast majority of people in the UK, these types of extravagant technical devices aren’t actually doing much for them, considering an overwhelming 61% of Brits have admitted that they don’t know how to use the appliances they have in their homes!

A recent survey of 1,015 UK adults by also revealed that 39% of those surveyed have to search the internet for instructions or tutorials in order to work their home appliances independently, while another 26% simply turn to their family, suggesting that they don’t actually even use these appliances themselves.

Tech and selling your home

Regardless of whether we need all this tech or not, there are some less obvious benefits to tech-ing out your home.

A beautifully-presented kitchen or living area, accentuated by some expensive tech items, can be a real selling point, should you wish to put your property on the market, even if you’re planning to take those items with you!

According to our property expert Emma Hall, fancy tech items can create the illusion that your house or flat is more high-end and ‘expensive’-feeling than it actually is, encouraging potential buyers to consider it more seriously during a viewing. Throwing in the smart fridge could also be a great motivator to a keen tech enthusiast looking to buy a home!

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