Watch out! Rogue Will writers about

Published: 03/07/2013

People are being urged to avoid making a Will with any unknown Will writer after a couple from Poole were duped into paying in excess of £3000 for a two basic Wills by a door-to-door salesman.

Lured by the offer of unlimited updates, executor support services and ‘free’ storage, the couple paid an upfront fee of £150 before unknowingly committing to an additional 60 monthly payments of £51.35.

As a result, their total bill came to £3231.

Linda Cummins, Head of Wills and Probate at Goldsmith Williams, comments:

“This case may sound somewhat extreme but sadly it can be quite commonplace. As there is no current mandatory accreditation for Will writers, nor any regulation in the industry, it is easier than you think to fall foul of unscrupulous Will writers or sales tactics.

“When it comes to making a Will, it is important that you use the services of a qualified solicitor who specialises in Wills and Estate Planning or use someone that has been recommended to you. While the recent calls for Will writing regulation have been rejected, the Law Society is however developing a kite mark to help customers identify a legitimate Will writer. In the meantime, if you are unsure about a firm’s credentials, you can look them up on the Law Society website.”

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