Warnings about state-funded care for the elderly

Published: 25/03/2015

Social services leaders are warning of a funding gap reaching £7bn a year by the end of the next parliament. Budgets for Adult Social Care have been cut by 12% since 2010 despite Councils doing all they can to protect this area from the worst of the cuts required under the Coalition Government’s austerity programme.

Almost 250,000 fewer adults receive state funded social care over the four years from 2008 – 2009 to 2012-2013 and whilst £14bn was spent by councils on adult social care as against the £10bn that people are paying for their own support.

The Association of Directors of Social Care Services (Adass) and the Local Government Association warn of a £4.3bn funding gap in social care by 2020.

Lee Baker, Head of Care Home Fees comments:

“Headlines like this make for grim reading and can have a detrimental impact on the lives of not only elderly people needing adult social care but also those with clinical needs.

“Many people aren’t aware that anyone who requires residential care due to a primary health need should be funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group regardless of their savings, earnings or assets. This negative media coverage about funding for adult social care could deter those people in residential care due to clinical need, or their families, from seeking funding from the Clinical Commissioning Group, believing it to be a lost cause. These two situations are entirely separate so don’t be put off seeking funding if you or your relative is in residential care due to clinical need.”

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