Vital role for mortgage brokers in guiding clients to conveyancing specialists

Published: 17/04/2013

With the publication of the Legal Services 2013 report by YouGov and the headline finding that there is strong consumer interest in legal services from brands comes the call from Eddie Goldsmith, Senior Partner at Goldsmith Williams to Mortgage brokers to ensure they continue to play an active role in guiding clients towards a specialist firm for their conveyancing.

‘The survey findings highlight some distinctive advantages for clients when dealing with specialist firms for their conveyancing’ continued Eddie. ‘Media coverage of this report observes that “there was little evidence of long-term solicitor / client relationships” yet this is precisely where the long term and close relationship between mortgage brokers and specialist conveyancing firms comes into its own. Clients will be looking for some guidance in selecting a firm to handle their conveyancing and will expect brokers to leverage the benefits of their networks to point them towards reputable and skilled firms.

Additionally, in an era where business confidence is low and some law firms have ceased trading, clients also will want the comfort of dealing with established and stable firms. Brokers will be able to reassure their clients about their long and successful relationship with their specialist conveyancer and the due diligence conducted in establishing this relationship, leaving clients feeling positive about instructing their chosen firm.

One of the findings of the survey which surprised me most was that just 20% of those using law firms in the last three years were asked to complete client satisfaction surveys. In my own firm we offer the opportunity to complete our satisfaction survey to all our clients. Like many specialists we put client satisfaction at the top of our agenda and we are delighted with our average nine out of ten score from Conveyancing clients which I know, from conversations with our introducing brokers, is an important consideration for them in choosing to work with us. Brokers succeed by meeting their clients’ needs and their relationships with specialist conveyancers is a fundamental aspect of meeting those client needs.’

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