Unusual Chocolate Treats For Easter

Published: 03/04/2019


Gone are the days when a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was your go-to choice for chocolate at Easter. Nowadays there are countless options - from the most gourmet to the ultra obscure - to satisfy one’s sweet tooth come April 21.

As we are always up for a choccy or two here at GW HQ, we thought it was only fitting this April to do some research into the most unusual chocolate treats available on the market this Easter period.

Let’s eat!


Assemble your own Easter treat

It wouldn’t be an IKEA product if there wasn’t some self-assembly involved - and this chocolate treat is no different! VÅRKÄNSLA – the IKEA flat-pack bunny - is made with chocolate containing at least 30% cocoa and requires consumers to place different chocolate pieces together to construct the bunny’s form. Assemble then deconstruct (in your belly!). The bunny is priced at £2.95 and is available from IKEA stores around Britain. Word on the street is that this chocolate treat tastes extra good given the work required to build it - especially for all those out there who never read the instructions after purchasing an item at IKEA and spend hours trying to put it together. You know who you are!

A delicious, vegan… Ryan Gosling?

Available in milk, white or vegan dark chocolate, your Easter simply won’t be complete without an edible version of Ryan Gosling’s much sought-after head. That’s a sentence we certainly thought we’d never be writing here at GWlegal! Perhaps the most bizarre option available this Easter, the egg combines features of the Hollywood heartthrob’s face with the features (body, feet) of a goose. It’s ultra realistic, super strange and a little bit creepy, making it ideal for an alternative-minded chocolate-lover this Easter. Made by chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark.

One for cheese-lovers

If you’re more savoury than sweet, this egg from ASDA will be right up your alley. The Blacksticks Cheester Egg, just as the name suggests, is comprised entirely of cheese - classic creamy with a hint of blue. It also includes continents - some lovely caramelised onion chutney and oatcakes.  Full product details here.

If cream cheese is more your thing, there is also a Sainsbury’s version (the Cheesealicious Cheesy Easter Egg) available in the supermarket’s Easter shop.

The chocolate avocado

We all know that one hipster who is always eating avo! Waitrose clearly is familiar with this type of customer too - and has created the ideal Easter treat for fans of the trendy toast-topper. Although containing none of the green veg itself, the Chocolate Avocado by the posh supermarket is tinted using natural colouring to resemble a real avocado and even includes a chunky cocoa-dusted stone. It will cost you £8 and is available to purchase online or in stores.

A fried (chocolate) egg

Now if this isn’t one of the most original Easter ‘eggs’ we’ve seen so far! The Belgian Chocolate Giant Fried Egg and Liquid Yolk is a sweet take on the classic breakfast item - reinvented with Belgian chocolate and a runny yolk of mango sauce. Yum! Get this alternative Easter gift here. 

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and not already a user of the Deliveroo app, now might be the time to download it. From April 14th to 21st, Deliveroo will be delivering chocolate versions of the highly coveted dragon eggs as featured in the hit series. The perfect way to surprise a GoT fan this Easter.

The egg you’ll either love or hate

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that this egg is a bold choice! Combining a classic chocolate flavour with the distinctive taste of yeast spread Marmite, it’s £3 and available at ASDA

Some other unique Easter egg choices

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