Unorthodox case demonstrates benefits of an objective executor in Probate

Published: 18/01/2013

One of the things the executor of a Last Will and Testament is often required to do is arrange the deceased’s funeral. However this is something one son deliberately avoided; instead looked to build a private mausoleum for his mummified parents.

Eugenios and Hilda Marcel passed away in 1994 and 1987. However their bodies remain at Edinburgh City Mortuary after failing to gain family consent to bury or cremate them.

Their son, a registered undertaker, is understood to have kept their bodies in the shop in the hope that he would be able to convert his Edinburgh home into a private tomb. It is alleged staff at the funeral home were paid to preserve the bodies.

Undoubtedly a highly unusual yet incredibly sensitive situation – made more complicated by the son moving away from the Scottish capital nine years ago. Talks, however, have now been resumed between him and environmental chiefs and the bodies could be released in the coming months.

Administering a loved one’s estate can be a very complicated thing to do, made even more difficult by its timing.

Goldsmith Williams can help lift the burden of Probate and Estate Administration. Our qualified solicitors can take charge of such aspects as establishing the value of the estate, the payment of any debts and/or inheritance tax and application for the Grant of Representation as well as notifying all necessary authorities.

Contact us today and see how we could help in this difficult time. Alternatively if you would prefer to administer the estate yourself, our free Guide to Probate is available to download.

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