UK set to become world leader in dementia research

Published: 04/03/2015

With approximately 850,000 people currently living with dementia in the UK the government has recently announced an investment of more than £300m into research into the condition as it bids to make the UK a world leader in dementia research and medical trials.

On top of this there’s also been an announcement that a separate multi-million pound fund would be launched within weeks and that will be used to help establish an international investment scheme to fund drugs and treatments to slow down the onset of dementia or even provide a cure.

The number of dementia sufferers is expected to hit one million within the next ten years and so there is also a focus on training staff – approximately 1.3 million NHS workers will be given training to help them care for dementia patients. There are also plans to train three million dementia friends to support those who have the condition alongside a programme to make shops, transport and public places ‘dementia friendly’ so that the majority of people in England live in such a community in five years’ time.

Lee Baker, Head of Care Home Fees, comments:

“These announcements will give hope to older people who fear that they too will develop dementia so for them this is a welcome investment. However it’s a sad fact that for many these medical advances will not come in time and they will develop dementia and find themselves in need of nursing care.

“In recognition of this I believe that the government should also increase their promotions about the funding of nursing and residential care. These promotions need to spell out to those entering care and their families that care can be funded if the care home fees are for someone with a primary health reason.”

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