UK Locations Where Properties Are Selling The Quickest

Published: 24/08/2022

It’s been a busy year so far throughout the property market and it looks like it’s going to continue as we head into the final few months of 2022!

According to data published by property estate agents Zoopla, the following are some of the most popular areas throughout the UK that are seeing properties sell the quickest in 2022.

Dartford, Kent

Dartford in Kent has become one of the fastest selling areas throughout the UK.

It is reported that the average house price throughout the town is thought to be £344,500. Meanwhile the fastest selling price range for properties seems to be between £250,000 to £300,000.

The average length of time a property is up on the market in the Dartford area is around 14 days.

Redditch, Worcestershire

There’s been a significant improvement in both the popularity of properties in the Redditch area and how quick they are taken off the market.

In 2021 the average time a property would be on the market for was approximately 27 days, with this reducing considerably, now averaging at just 14 days in 2022.

The most popular property type considered by homebuyers in this area are three-bedroom terraced, with the price range £200,000 to £250,000 being snapped up mostly.

Gloucester, South West

Similarly to Redditch, the property market in Gloucester has seen an impressive improvement in popularity so far this year, with the average property listing time being at just 14 days.

The price range most homebuyers are being attracted to is between £250,000 to £300,000 with three-bedroom semi-detached properties selling the fastest.

Elsewhere, these are some of the fastest selling locations in the UK:

Wigan, Greater Manchester = average of 15 days on the market before sale agreed

Stoke-on-Trent = average 15 days on the market before sale agreed

Knowsley, North West = average 16 days on the market before sale agreed

Neath Port Talbot, Wales = average 16 days on the market before sale agreed

Liverpool, Merseyside = average 17 days on the market before sale agreed

Exeter, South West = average 17 days on the market before sale agreed

York = average 17 days on the market before sale agreed

Areas that have seen the most improvement in property sales time in 2022:

Lancaster = If you’re looking to sell your home in the Lancaster area, you’ll be glad to hear that this has improved a lot over the past year.

In 2021 the average length of time a property would be listed on the market for was around 33 days. However in 2022, property sales have been agreed within 21 days of being listed on the market.

Ealing = In Ealing, properties have been selling much better in 2022 as well.

It’s been reported that in 2021 the average property listing time was approximately 43 days. Fast forward to this year and the listing time has been reduced significantly by 12 days, resulting in an average time of 31 days on the market.

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