Two months in jail for two in fraudulent personal injury claim

Published: 26/08/2015

Amy Laban, a model and semi-professional footballer for Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City ladies teams and Laura Hazeldine have both been jailed for fabricating a personal injury claim.

Following a road traffic accident in April 2012 in Birmingham Laban, and Hazeldine made a £3,000 claim against insurer Esure. Laban failed to attend medical appointments to verify her injuries and investigators photos showed her taking part in gruelling fitness tests for a beauty pageant and doing a sky-dive during the period when she maintained she was suffering from whiplash injuries. Both women admitted to the deception and pleaded guilty to contempt of court and both were sentenced to two months in jail.

Personal injury solicitor, Kevin Smith comments:

“The sentencing judge in this case in his remarks stated ‘..the courts have stressed repeatedly that those who commit false claims must receive prison sentences..’ and that’s exactly what’s happened here. In recent years, changes in the law have seen more Defendants pressing forward for findings of fraud and dishonesty against Claimants.

“Fundamental dishonesty is something that is now being alleged with greater frequency. Fundamental Dishonesty was highlighted in the Jackson Reforms of 2013 as one way a Claimant could and should lose costs protection. New legislation that came in to force in April 2015 has expanded upon this and now means that even if a Claimant is found to be fundamentally dishonest about any part of their claim, it will result in the whole claim – even the ‘honest’ parts and losses – being dismissed entirely and legal costs having to be paid.

“It goes without saying that any claim for personal injury should be brought honestly for genuine losses and injuries Those who do not give the industry a bad name and face serious consequences, rightly so.”

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