Top Tips For Working At Home

Published: 18/03/2020

Here at GWlegal, we’ve had a flexi-working scheme in place for years. We believe that productivity will peak when our employees are able to effectively manage their home and work lives.

Research supports our view. In a 2018 study by HSBC looking into the UK’s highly successful tech sector, for example, it was found that 89% of respondents cited flexible working as a motivation to be more productive at work. This is just one of many studies asserting the same.

Right now, more and more workplaces will be exploring flexible working options, in an effort to ‘flatten the curb’ of the Covid-19 virus. Working from home, where possible, is becoming commonplace. 

In this article, we will give some top tips for how to stay productive when #outoftheoffice. 

1) Create a ‘home office’

Working from the couch in your PJs simply won’t result in productivity, trust us! While you don’t necessarily need a separate home office, you do need a (relatively) quiet space where you can really get into work-mode, sans the distractions. It also needs to be an area you enjoy sitting in, as you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time there!

Here are some suggestions on how to make your ‘home office’ a great place to work:

• Where possible, choose a space with a window. Natural light will help boost your mood and it’s always nice to take a few moments to admire the view, as opposed to the television! 

•  Invest in a comfortable and supportive office chair. A standing desk could also be an option. 

•  Stock up on tech accessories to make your day better, such as an anti-glare screen for your computer, laptop stand, second monitor, supportive mousepad, etc.

•  Add a few indoor plants to help reduce your stress levels and purify the air. 

•  Get creative with some personal touches. Pinterest ‘home office’ and you’ll have plenty of great ideas to work from.

2) Get dressed

If you stay in your PJs, your brain is going to associate the day with sleep, not work. While it may not be necessary to suit up in full business attire, it can be motivating to simply pop on a pair of jeans (instead of sweatpants!). Bonus - surprise Skype calls won’t be an issue!

3) Plan your day

First, identify your priorities. Then make a to-do list - pressing items first and then others in order of importance. If you don’t finish them all, begin your next working day with the left-over items before moving on to anything else, where possible.

It can also be useful to block out your day in chunks in your diary. Google Calendar is a great tool, as are 24me, TimeTree and

When working from home, focus is key! Set boundaries and time limits — and hold yourself to them.

4) Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime! 

To stay connected with the team and to protect your mental health, we would always recommend having at least one ‘face-to-face’ conversation with colleagues or stakeholders a day. Zoom is a great tool for this.

5) Take time for you

You still need breaks when working from home! Sectioning your day in two is always a proactive strategy. At lunchtime, why not take 20 minutes to read, rest, meditate or do some light exercise? You’ll feel more energised and readier to take on your afternoon tasks.

6) Have an end-of-day routine that transitions your work day into leisure time

If you usually clock off at 5pm, stick to that but reward yourself with an activity you enjoy such as playing with a pet, listening to some music or even enjoying a glass of wine. Do that religiously (maybe not the wine bit, though!). This fun end-of-day activity will transition you from work-mode to leisure-mode and do wonders for your wellbeing.

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