Top tips for selling your home in winter

Published: 24/10/2014

Selling a property can be difficult at any time of the year but with the nights getting darker it can be increasingly trickier to present your home in the best light in the autumn and winter months. However we’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you show off your home as well as how to keep safe doing unarranged evening viewings.

First impressions

As with most things a first impression can strongly influence a buyer’s opinion so it’s important to ensure your home looks good from the moment they set foot on the path or drive. If you have a front garden make sure you keep it neat and tidy, clearing away any dead leaves or plants. The last thing you want is a buyer thinking the house and gardens need a lot of upkeep!

If you have a porch, it is important to keep this clean particularly if there are lighter walls as the winter light tends to highlight grim. Make sure the doors and windows are also kept clean.

A warm welcome

Not just from you but from your home too! Warmth is a key selling feature of your home in winter – even Torvill and Dean don’t want to live in an ice rink! You also don’t want the buyers to worry about the energy efficiency of the property. Do try and find a good balance temperature wise though – too hot and the buyers may think you’re trying to overcompensate!

Focus on cosiness

While in spring and summer sellers should concentrate on drawing attention to the property’s lightness and brightness, in autumn and winter you should look to accentuate the cosiness of your home. Open fires are a great way of doing this but in their absence candles can also help create a snug and homely ambience.

A tasteful Christmas

If you’re trying to sell your home during Christmas time have a think about the type of decorations you want to have up. While they may be to some people’s taste, a flashing neon Santa adorning the exterior wall of the property may not be the buyer’s cup of tea! You should also have a think about having a real tree. While the smell may add to the ambience, you will have to stay on constant needle-alert!

Safe viewings

Sometimes, when selling a house, you have an impromptu viewing, a potential buyer who does not have an appointment but spotted the ‘for sale’ sign outside. While it may be someone with a genuine interest in the property, you should be careful about automatically opening your doors to strangers. If you are by any means unsure or concerned then politely ask them to make an appointment with the estate agents – if they are really interested this should not deter them.

If you do go ahead with the viewing be careful not to disclosure any personal information including any details about when the property is empty (e.g. upcoming holidays, work commitments).

Even if you have arranged viewings, it’s important to stay safe. Check you have the details of each viewer and confirm this with them on arrival and if you are conducting the viewing on your own, don’t be afraid to ask a neighbour or friend to accompany you.

Sales without the stress

Once you have found a buyer for your property, it’s time to appoint a property solicitor or conveyancer. We’ve been helping people buy and sell property for over 30 years and can help your sale, and purchase too, go as smoothly as possible. Simply click here for a free, no obligation quote for our service.

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