Top Places To Travel In 2019

Published: 15/01/2019

Aspiring traveller? Desperate to expand your horizons in 2019? You’re not alone. 

Here at GW HQ, we have quite a few keen travellers in our Liverpool office, jet setting off to exotic locations shortly after each and every approved annual leave request! It seemed only appropriate then that we ask some of our most avid globe trotters where in the world they recommend travelling to in the New Year. 

Let’s start exploring… 

Lee from our marketing department can’t choose between Italy and Oz

Lee has to be one of our most global contributors at GW – she’s Australian-born, worked here at GW HQ in Liverpool, and now helps us out remotely from her newer home in the north of Italy. We asked her where she’d recommended day tripping to in 2019 and her answers didn’t surprise us! 

Italy is just a goldmine when it comes to travel, Lee comments. It literally has everything - from sophisticated cities (Milan) and historic wonders (Rome, Florence, Venice) to the most beautiful seaside (Sicily, Pulgia, Sardinia, Cinque Terre), gorgeous countryside (Tuscany, Piedmonte) and even snow-capped mountains (Cortina, Livigno). One trip just won’t do it justice! Lee recommends picking up a Lonely Planet guide, browsing through, and choosing a few places you really want to go, so you can spend time properly exploring the beauty each city, town or region of Italy you’ve selected has to offer. 

Lee’s second pick, of course, is her home country – Australia. My absolute favourite place to visit in Oz is Bryon Bay, Lee says. This coastal gem has some of the most beautiful beaches, amazing countryside and natural wonders nearby, totally chilled vibes and the best food ever (especially for vegetarians and vegans). She’s sold us!

Marketing Manager Alex is obsessed with Disney, so he’s off to…

Marketing wiz Alex loves Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort so much; he’s been there nine times in total. Now that’s dedication to Disney! For a truly magical holiday, he recommends spending a few days staying at the park itself in one of the themed lodges available. It’s like being truly immersed in a fairy tale, he says, and that way you can beat the crowds (and inevitable lines) and get to your favourite rides early. Alex’s favourites are:

• Disneyland Paris 

- Big Thunder Mountain (but only at night) 

- Phantom Manor 

• Walt Disney World Resor

- Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida 

Talk about magic! 

Emily, our marketing assistant, loves Berlin (at a particular time of the year)

It turns out all members of our marketing department just love to travel! Emily, the newest member of the team, recommends a long weekend in Germany’s ultra vibrant and fascinating city, Berlin. This buzzing location really has everything you could want in a destination – history, culture, shopping, natural beauty, some of the world’s best nightlife and cuisine to suit all tastes. Emily says visiting Berlin at Christmas time, however, is an experience all in itself. Every December, Berliners flock to the local Christmas market, a breathtakingly festive sight filled with Bavarian-style stalls, seasonal food and drink (think roast hog and mulled wine), unique homemade wares and much more. It’s really something special! 

Other things not to be missed in Berlin include: an ‘alternative walking tour’ to the East Side Gallery and surrounding areas (really, even if you’re not a tour type this is a must-do), a touching trip to the Holocaust Memorial site and lunch in the Jewish quarter, where you’ll get some truly great falafel (many of the aforementioned walking tours end here). 

Other interesting travel destinations:

  • Sri Lanka

This South Asian island is Lonely Planet’s top travel pick for 2019 – for those of all ages, budgets and travel tastes. The guide writes: "Already notable to intrepid travellers for its mix of religions and cultures, its timeless temples, its rich and accessible wildlife, its growing surf scene and its people who defy all odds by their welcome and friendliness after decades of civil conflict, this is a country revived."

  •  Jordan 

When deciding where to holiday, Jordan may not be the first destination that comes to find – but maybe it should be? Keen travellers praise the African country is breathtaking Lawrence of Arabia landscapes (the 1960s film was shot here), wealth of World Heritage sites and gorgeous natural scenery. Jordan is also rich in religious history, homing clues to the history and development of both Christianity and Islam, making it even more fascinating. For those with the time and determination, Lonely Planet recommends hiking the 650km Jordan Trail, on which you’ll visit the Dead Sea, green and lush Rift Valley landscape, crusader castles covered in wildflowers and more, over 36 days.  

  •  Japan

Japan is about as diverse as a travel destination can get – one night you can stay in a hotel manned by robots, the next in a Shingon monastery. Apart from the spectacular food (sushi!), unique culture and spectacular scenery which makes Japan a natural holiday hit spot, 2019 will also see the beautiful country host a number of exciting events including the ninth Rugby World Cup in September to November and the Setouchi Triennale art event, spanning a dozen islands from Takamatsu and Uno, showcasing the feature works from more than 200 art galleries and museums as well as independent local artists, from April to November. 

Happy travels! Your GW team. 

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