Tips For Selling Your House In The Autumn Season

Published: 20/10/2021

When is the best time to sell your house? That may be something you’re asking, and while there isn’t a definitive answer on when is the best time to sell, there is no wrong answer too.

If you’re worrying about whether October is a good time to sell, there’s no need to stress as the GW team is here to help with any burning questions or queries you may have, and we believe autumn is a good time of year for both sale and purchase activity in this ever-changing property market!

Reasons why the autumn season is a good time to sell property

1) Half term

Schools throughout the UK tend to have a week off from 25 October. Autumn half-term tends to be a less busy time for parents and families, without the stress of any major holidays such as Christmas or the various summer activities that need planning or getting in the way. As a result, this could pose the perfect opportunity to view houses together without hectic schedules getting in the way.

2) Halloween

The spookiest time of the year occurs during the autumn season, with lots of parents out and about taking their kids trick or treating. This provides the opportunity for potential homebuyers to stumble across ‘for sale’ signs throughout the neighbourhood that they may not have noticed before. Make sure your sign is in a prominent position and the front garden looks neat and tidy to attract the eye of the passer-by!

3) A new home by Christmas

A big selling point for homebuyers is the possible incentive that they may move into their new home by Christmas, depending on when the conveyancing process begins. If the purchase process is straightforward, there is potential for that to happen. The average conveyancing process tends to take between eight to 12 weeks, so should the homebuyer miss the chance of moving in time for Christmas, they still have a good chance of moving in time for the New Year.

4) Fewer properties to compete with

As discussed earlier, Spring and Summertime are deemed to be busy times for the property market, and whilst this may be an advantage over the other seasons in the year, selling in autumn brings its own advantages as there could be fewer properties on the market to compete with, meaning you’re more likely to get higher interest in your property. Make sure your photos you decide to use when showcasing the property are on point to help make it stand out and get recognised!

Tips for selling properties in autumn

House viewings

The nights are starting to get darker earlier in the evening, the more we get into the autumn season. That’s why it might be worth considering hosting house viewings early or over the weekend as it gives you opportunity to host viewings early in the morning and afternoon. Same goes for the photos of your home listed too – try taking photos either in the morning or late afternoon around sunset to see which turns out best. Avoid using the flash on your camera, as this could potentially make photos look tacky and artificial. You want to try and make the photos warm and welcoming to homebuyers.

Make your home look season appropriate

Things such as BBQ equipment, sun loungers, deck chairs and blow-up swimming pools aren’t a great or appealing look in October. Be sure that your house looks season-appropriate to help create the appearance of being well-kept all year round.

Clear fallen leaves

It’s incredibly important that you maintain your garden (both front and back!) if you’re looking to sell up. Even if it’s something as simple as raking the leaves up, to mowing the lawn, it all helps. Also, it’s worth double checking the gutters and drains to ensure no leaves are cluttering up and blocking, which could potentially cause problems for you both in the short-term (in terms of potential sale) and long-term, should you keep hold of the property.

List the standout property features

Make a list of features that your property has which you both love and believe will help it stand out during the autumn season, such as the lighting throughout during the dark nights, any stunning views you can get from different rooms and how friendly the neighbourhood is for families. Be sure to convey this to those who come to view the house or have the estate agents provide the information if they’re acting on your behalf. The ‘little things’ that may mean a lot to you, could end up making a whole world of difference in helping secure a sale down the line.

How GWlegal can help with property sales:

We can help you sell your property today with our experienced property team on hand, ready to provide our brilliant conveyancing services!

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