Three ways to beat the January blues this Blue Monday

Published: 15/01/2018

Feeling blue this January?

You’re not alone.

Monday 15 January, the third Monday of the month, is said to be the gloomiest day of the year.

‘Blue Monday’, as it was coined by Dr Cliff Mall more than a decade ago, is supposedly the saddest day of 2018 due to a combination of factors including the weather, time passed since Christmas, breaking of New Year’s Resolutions around this period, and the generally low motivation levels many people experience.

Moreover, Blue Monday, or some time that week, is the date most receive their credit card bills. This, combined with other straining financial factors that generally arise during the festive season, contributes to mass depression on the week of the 15th.

How can you stay (relatively) upbeat during gloomy January? We asked some of our staff members for their advice:

Paul Cahill, Head of Financial Claims at GWlegal

Start 2018 with the intention of getting your life admin in order - it will do wonders for your mental wellbeing. In my opinion, everyone should have spreadsheets in their life. That might sound boring, but I am head of our financial claims department for a reason!  

Monthly budgets, lists of bills to be paid so you don’t forget, and so forth, are invaluable in ultimately saving you time and unnecessary stress. A good filing system so you don’t lose documents that will come in handy later, such as your P60 or receipts for your tax return, is also a good idea.

I also tell all my clients that you should never be afraid to accept a helping hand. Everyday my team completes free financial checks for hundreds of people - specifically to check if they were mis-sold PPI or payday loans. Yes, this is something you can do yourself, but it will be stressful and time-consuming. There are some bits of life admin that you can let others do for you! 

Emma Hall, Head of Sales, property department

Exercise is no doubt one of the best ways to banish the blues. That’s why I set myself personal fitness challenges on a regular basis. In January, it’s my goal to run a 100 miles. Thankfully, GWlegal offers a flexible working scheme for all staff, so I am able to work from home and run in my lunch breaks. Exercise helps me to feel better and work better, so I would definitely suggest speaking with your boss or HR manager about how you can stay more active between your 9-5. 

Linda Cummins, Head of Wills & Probate

Spending time with loved ones and enjoying downtime with family and friends, without the pressure of Christmas, is one of my favourite ways to beat the January blues. Even just chatting about the day over a cuppa. To truly enjoy these moments though, I believe it is imperative your affairs in order. Your loved ones aren’t protected unless you have an up-to-date will, your estate planning in order, and a lasting power of attorney. If you don’t, please do so in 2018. These are the most important documents you’ll ever make.

Content correct at time of publication. 

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